We stock a wide range of Bedford workshop manuals to help you fit the parts in the correct manner.

If the one you require is not listed please contact us as we may be able to get you one!

Bedford Service Repair Manual


 1934  W  Workshop Manual
 1936  W  Supplement to Workshop Manual
 1945  MW, OX & OY  Workshop Manual
 1949  K, M & O  Workshop Manual
 1953  K, M & O  Supplement to Workshop Manual
 1951  S  Workshop Manual
 1953  A  Diesel Engine Workshop Manual
 1953  A  Chassis/Suspension & Cab etc Workshop Manual
 1956  A  Supplement to the Workshop Manual
 1953  A  Electrical & Instruments Workshop Manual
 1962  J & TK  Transmission/Prop Shaft/Rear Axle Manual
 1962  J & TK  Steering/Front Axle & Brakes Workshop Manual
 1962  J & TK  Chassis/Suspension/Wheels/Tyres etc Manual
 1962  J & TK  Electrical, Ignition & Instruments Workshop Manual
 1973  Petrol & Diesel  Engines for Trucks & Coaches in Production

New Brake Services

We have recently introduced a Brake cylinder honing service for Bedford owners and a Servo overhaul service.