Bygone Bedford Bits was established in 1971 to create an effective source of spare parts for Bedford vehicles 30 cwt (1.50 tons) and above and coaches.

The firm has grown to be the longest established Bedford spare parts dealer in Europe and without doubt is the leading spares supplier in the country for W models, wartime ranges, K, M and O series, A models and the D & J models.

For instance on mechanical & chassis spares from 1938 to 1953 the firm can supply 90% of parts off the shelf.

The aim is now to cover the period 1931 to 1976.

Bygone Bedford Bits


General Information

It is always helpful to find out the chassis number and engine number of your vehicle, so that the correct parts can be identified. Allowance also has to be made for later style parts being fitted.

New Brake Services

We have recently introduced a Brake cylinder honing service for Bedford owners and a Servo overhaul service.